Sunday, September 23, 2012

App-y Day

Education Apps on my iPad
Technology is an important focus for many educators and schools this year, and our class is no different. At the start of our summer break, our administrators surprised the teachers with iPads. It was a happy day indeed, as we were charged with the mission of finding ways we could use these amazing tools to enhance instruction in our classroom. Needless to say, I spent many hours on my couch this past summer searching for apps, blogs and websites that would help me become a better teacher. Along the way, I found some incredible apps that I knew my students would love using to extend their learning, practice skills, and explore new concepts. Here are some I would suggest for kids and families...

1. Motion Math: Zoom I love finding an app that challenges kids in a way that is meaningful and fun, and this app does that for kids in grades 3-5. Players classify fractions, decimals and percentages in this fast paced game. There are several other games available from Motion Math that you might also want to check out.

2. Simple Physics: This is the perfect app for that kid (or adult) who loves to build and who loves a good challenge. Players must complete building challenges from creating a treehouse to a bridge to a skyscraper. Each structure must withstand a weight test and come in under budget in order to complete the level. This one takes thinking outside the box and it is so much fun!!

3. A+ Spelling Test: I love this app because it helps review for weekly spelling assessments. You type and record the words from your current list, and then you can practice the words, play games, and quiz yourself. Best of all, it is super easy to use.

4. Puppet Pals: My amazing teaching partner, Tina Ruston, turned me onto this app. My daughters "field tested" it for me, and it has provided hours of giggles and creativity in our house. This app allows the user to utilize a variety of characters and settings to create and record an animated puppet show. In addition, players can use photos from the camera roll to personalize the characters and put themselves and their favorite toys into the puppet show! It is a phenomenal app.

5. The Opposites: This wonderful game builds vocabulary by challenging the player to match opposites. As the game advances, the vocabulary becomes more complex and the action more fast-paced. It's a great way to learn without even realizing it!!

These are five of my favorite learning apps for kids in grades 3-5. Do you have some favorites that you would be willing to share with me? Leave a comment and I will try to check them out!!

Until then, happy learning!!



Nancy C said...

Thanks for sharing your list of favorite apps. We will now have access to two iPads and I've been wondering about appropriate choices. I am fascinated by your description of Puppy Pals...animals and puppets...can't get any better than that! Thanks for sharing.

Mrs.Newbold's blog said...

Thanks Nancy! Be sure to check out Puppet Pals (not Puppy Pals). Please share any great apps you find. I'm always on the hunt for new apps!!

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